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Corporate Information

Meihoku Kogyo Co.,Ltd. with the assistance and guidance of Kobe Steel, Ltd. has been producing "TOP-QUALITY" wire for cold forming operations , mainly for automotive and aircraft industries and other machinery fastener industries


NAME: Meihoku Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
ESTABLISHED: October 11,1947
ENTERPRISE: Producing C.H.Q. wire (for automobiles)
CAPITAL: ¥60,000,000 Japanese Yen
PRESIDENT: Yasukazu Fukunishi
LOCATION: 1-8-1 Hachiyadai minokamo Gifu


Nov.1946 Founded as Nippon Seibyosyo supported by kobe Steel.
Oct.1947 Established Meihoku Kogyo Co.,LTD capitalized with ¥500000.
Jun.1955 Production and Sales operation was started with trademark "SHINKO GEAR"
succeeded all of bicycle gear crank business of Kobe Steel.
Jan.1961 Started production of cold heading wire.
Dec.1964 Abolished nail production division .
Oct.1975 Accomplished Sakahogi Plant.
Dec.1978 Abolished gear crank production division.
Sep.1980 Increased capital to ¥60,000,000 joined by Kobe Steel and Shinsho Corp.
May.1998 Certified ISO 9002
May.2001 Certified ISO 14001
Nov.2001 Established Seymour wire, Indiana, U.S. joint with Shinsho American, the
subsidiary of Shinsho Corp.
Mar.2003 Capital joined to GBP, Michigan, U.S. with Kobe Steel.
Apr.2003 Operation started Minokamo Plant.
May.2003 Certified ISO 9001
Aug.2004 Moved the headquarters to Minokamo-City
Apr.2006 Operation Started Minokamo No2 Plant.
Dec.2007 Capital joined to KSP,Pinghu,Chaina with Kobe Steel.
Jun.2009 Introduced “Total Quality Management”System.
Oct.2013 Won The DemingPrize
Aug.2014 Certified JIS Q 9100
Aug.2016 Operation Started Minokamo No3 Plant.

Factory and Major Machines and Facilities


Manufacturing Locations

Head Office & Minokamo Works

Zipcode 505-0039
Address 1-8-1 Hachiyadai Minokamo-city GIFU
Phone numbe 0574-24-0620
Fax number 0574-24-0616

Overseas Affiliate Locations

Producing base in the United States (Detroit Area)
Grand Blanc Processing, L. L. C. (GBP)

Address 10151 Gainey Drive Holly, MI 48442
Phone numbe 810-694-6000
Fax number 810-694-5164

Physical distribution base in the United States (Columbus, IN area)
Shinsho-Meihoku Wire, Inc (SWI)

Address 3475 West International Court,
Columbus, IN 47201
Phone numbe 812-342-2409
Fax number 812-342-3257

Producing base in the China (Pinghu Area)
Kobe Special Steel Wire Products (Pinghu) Co.,LTD (KSP)

Address Pinghu Economic development Zone,
Zhenjiang Province
Phone numbe (86)573-8522-3100
Fax number (86)573-8522-3115

Manufacturing Facilities

  • ・Pickling system
  • ・Mechanical descalers
  • ・Wire drawing machines
  • ・Short Time Cycle Furnaces

Controlling Facilities

  • ・Inspection machinaries
  • ・Repairing machine tools
  • ・Sewage disposal system



  • ・steel wire for cold heading and cold forging
  •  (rimmed steel, aluminum killed steel, killed steel)
  • ・carbon steel wire for machine structural use
  • ・nickel chromium steel
  • ・chromium steel
  • ・chromium molybdenum steel
  • ・boron steel
  • ・special steel
  • ・deformed steel wire




  • ・lime coating
  • ・zinc phosphate + lube coating
  • ・zinc phosphate + lime coating

We can respond to your request except the above.

Production Processes

We use, as raw material, wire rod manufactured by Kobe Steel, Ltd. one of Japan's most specialized integrated steel mills, (KCH Wire-rod) and all processes from its delivery to the final shipment of our products (as shown in pictures on the right) are under an excellent quality control system which upholds and even improves the quality of our products. About 70% of our products are processed further to such products as bolts, nuts and jointing systems to be used in automotive industries. Our products are also used to manufacture fasteners for numerous industrial fields including aircraft and other machinery.

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